Are you enjoying a summer of slow?

A summer of naps, a summer of lazy, a summer of peaches bitten straight into, leaning over the sink?

Yeah, me neither HKdesign.

We did go away with the kids for a couple of weeks in the Aveyron region, which we adore.

There, we relaxed in the garden hammock (I totally need a hammock of my own now! It’s the best!), screamed in joyful concert with all of France, drove around to visit medieval

castles (there may have been a few toy crossbows involved), took cable car rides from one mountaintop to another, and celebrated my birthday with blueberry tarts and Lunar

eclipses (well, just one of each).

Throughout this though, I confess I haven’t really turned my brain off (is there even an “off” button on there?) as Maxence and I have been planning and coordinating an

apartment renovation from afar, and I have been brewing a bunch of new projects for the fall, scribbling pages of ideas in my notebook (obsessed with this limited-edition copper

Leuchtturm) as they took shape in my mind foreign company registration in hong kong.

That’s not a problem for me though, as I thrive on bubbling ideas and exciting plans, so I’m happy as can be PA rental.

What’s your summer been like so far?
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