As colder weather settles in, this quick braise of chicken thighs and cabbage wedges in a sweet/sour sauce makes us happy to stay in. Recipe below commercial heat pump systems.

This quick, easy weeknight dish is something I used to make often, years back. Then somehow it fell off my radar—I’m not even sure why. But a week or so ago, we were driving through the Wisconsin countryside, on a chilly, misty day, and we went past a little field of cabbages. Just like that, this dish came back to me master of public health hong kong.

go-to-the-recipeSimple, hearty, satisfying cold-weather fare. At its heart, the dish is simply chicken pieces and wedges of cabbage braised in a mix of liquids and aromatics. You can make it with any bone-in cut of chicken. I’ve also done it with the entire leg joints, and with drumsticks handmade gift.
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