I have been wanting to make this maple whiskey bbq sauce ever since I first cooked up the paleo bbq sauce a year and a half ago. The day has finally arrived and after winging a

few things, I think it turned out pretty tasty.

What I love about this whiskey bbq sauce is that it’s not just perfect for summer, it’s an all season kind of thing. When I think of the snowy, winter months (although I’m

trying not to) I think of the warmth and richness of whiskey. There are so many things you could do with this maple whiskey bbq sauce that “future ideas” folder on Wunderlist

has been updated quite a bit since I started writing this post.

With just a few ingredients this sweet, yet savory bbq sauce is a new favorite to add to our family’s recipe book. It goes great on ribs and I really like it on the chicken

sandwich I’m eating while I write out this post out.
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