We are gamblers. Risk-takers. We balance shoulder shrugs against sleepless nights. And year after year we ask ourselves: will they turn red? Anyone who plants tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest is rolling the dice. We hold our breath until the last late frost is gone - June if we are lucky - it was July just two years past. May planted tomatoes will never see their day Adrian Cheng.

If we remember 'garden' sometime in March or April - we will remember to get our tomato seeds into little cups of dirt in the best lit, warmest place in our homes. We will baby those cups, remember to water them and try not to knock them over.

By June they are all stems and straggling, climbing around our window seats like large green spiders too big to crawl into our garden boots. Shall I plant them? Excitedly we move dirt and slide the potted plants into neat rows - probably fixing them a trellis of some kind in anticipation of magic-bean-stalk growth and heavy, large, ripe fruit. And not two minutes after they are planted we begin to worry about fall... Will it be an Indian Summer again? Will the sun stretch across September and dangle its rays into October? Will I have more tomatoes than has ever graced this northwest garden? Will my pantry be filled with homegrown canned and juiced, crushed and sauced tomatoes?

The answer is usually no master of english hong kong.

We hang onto the dream of a bumper crop year. Or do we? At the end of each season I usually throw a bit of a fit, shake my fist at the ground, then open the gates so my chickens can have their way with the unimpressive, unyielding tomato patch. I then swear to myself that next year I won't be romanced into lending THAT much space to the hope of red tomatoes Variable refrigerant flow system.

And yet. How does the saying go? If you cannot beat them - join them? And so I grow green tomatoes. On purpose. I harvest baskets and bushels and swing buckets of green tomatoes with the glee and delight of a preschooler. I slice and dice them, can and preserve them and will one day soon make fried green tomatoes. I am not alone - many have green tomatoes spread across their counters. This year I made green tomato chutney (with candied ginger), green tomato salsa (below) and green tomato relish.

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When I was just a baby Cream Puff, I remember that I was never really into Halloween. I suspect that part of this was due to the fact that Halloween was scary for me, but also because Halloween was not a holiday with which my family was very familiar.

Putting on costumes and eating lots of sweets was something you did at Carnevale.

In Italy, Carnevale refers to the festivities that take place after Christmas and before the beginning of Lent. In some parts of Italy, Carnevale can be a month-long celebration, however, in most places, Carnevale generally falls in the days just before Ash Wednesday.

As the kids of Italian parents, we learned early on about the traditions of Carnevale and the characters that took centre stage. I always wanted to be Colombina. But there were many you could choose from Tent Rental hong kong.

The various characters that came out to play at Carnevale were traditional characters seen often and in various forms in Italian theatre and plays. Everybody knows that Arlecchino is a tricky fellow and Pulcinella will always make you laugh.

While people probably associate the idea of Carnevale and elaborate masks with the city of Venice, Italians all over Italy will celebrate by dressing up, dancing and eating.

My own family is celebrating with a costume party and a cenone (a dinner) tonight to be followed by an elaborate lunch tomorrow. My aunts have already made the traditional ravioli with various fillings (meat, ricotta and so on).

Wish I was there. Sigh.

Growing up, we always had a special meal on the Sunday before Lent but as we grew older, that tradition waned. I think we’re still trying to get over Christmas!

This year, however, I decided to do something special to mark the celebration of Carnevale so I made castagnole (“little chestnuts”).

Castagnole are yet another variation on the wondrous and beautiful thing we know as fried dough. They can be served in a variety of ways, including drizzled in honey or rolled in sugar Trademark China.

In Ascoli Piceno, where my father is from, my aunts will roll the castagnole in sugar and then drizzle on a liqueur called Alchermes. If you’ve never had Alchermes, it can be tough to find. My parents would always bring a bottle back with them from Italy. It’s a red liqueur that has a spicy sweetness to it and is very common in Italian desserts.

The castagnole, piled on high on a serving tray, certainly made for a festive atmosphere and it certainly felt like Carnevale, at least for a brief moment.

I just wish I had that Colombina costume. Sigh.

(I followed the recipe for Castagnole from the wonderful site: La Tavola Marche Master of Public Administration hong kong. You can find the recipe here.)
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Butter, shallots, brandy, pink peppercorns and cream make a rich, lively, slightly peppery sauce that elevates a simple pan-seared steak. Recipe below.

How often do you buy an esoteric ingredient for a new recipe, only to let it languish on a shelf later? We’ve done that far too many times. So when I tracked down pink peppercorns for last week’s cocktail, I was determined to find new uses for them. Turns out one way people use these not-actually-peppercorns from Brazil, despite them being deemed perfect for fish and light sauces, is on meat. Steaks, to be specific. I was good with that.

go-to-the-recipeLots of steak recipes involving pink peppercorns call for red wine, often mixed with vinegar or Dijon mustard. I feared those approaches would overwhelm the peppercorns, making them subtle bit players. For this first outing, I wanted to make sure I tasted them. So I explored cream-based sauces and used brandy instead of wine. For me, wine (or brandy or sherry or vermouth) is that thing that elevates European-inspired sauces, taking them from gravy to sauce. If you don’t imbibe—or don’t wish to buy brandy just for this dish, a good apple cider will do the trick Sage 300 ERP.

Pink peppercorns, The Spice HouseThe toughest part of this really simple recipe may be tracking down pink peppercorns. I found them in the third supermarket I tried. Another source for them is The Spice House. They have stores in Chicago and Evanston in Illinois, and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They also sell online master of gynaecology hong kong .

We always fans of a simply prepared steak—salt, pepper and a hot pan. The sauce, made with butter, shallots, brandy, pink peppercorns and cream, offers a rich, lively, slightly peppery finish to it, making it something more serviced apartment sai ying pun.

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How did the month of August go for you?

Did it fly by? Mine too!

I had plans to make progress on a couple of big projects — things like a new book, and an online class — and I did some work

on them, but I also let myself just enjoy the slow drip of summer.

My family and I took a pretty emotional trip to the mountains, where my parents owned a house for 23 years that we are selling

now that my father has died. It was wonderful and heart-breaking. I wrote a post about it on Instagram that may resonate with

you if you’ve been through something similar hong kong company formation.

Following this post, a kind reader sent me this poem on grief, and gave me the gift of a good cry. This song by Gilbert

O’Sullivan works really well, too. My father liked it a lot.

In brighter news, we ended our summer with a wonderful weekend getaway at Relais Bernard Loiseau, a haven of green and good

taste in Burgundy, where we got to splash around in the outdoor pool and enjoy the fine cuisine — I still dream of the

langoustine dish we had, and the made-to-order Saint-Honoré. This was our last weekend together before the kids got back to

school, and it felt like such a special out-of-time experience to share with them master of information engineering hong kong.

Because yes, both of my kids will be in school now! My youngest is starting École maternelle, which goes from age 3 to 6, and

my oldest is entering École primaire, primary school, for kids aged 6 to 11. We are lucky that both public schools are within a

block of each other and of our house, so the morning routine should not be too much of a challenge. It feels like a big

milestone for each of them when I think about it (pardon my cliché, but: where did my babies go?!?). That said, I can see they

are ready and excited, so I’m ready and excited right along with them VRV system.

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I was sitting in Cusco, Peru when I happened upon a mail from my friend Anita asking if I’d be interested in helping out with a promotion she was running for one of her clients by doing a blog post on what makes the moment for me at the holidays. I was sitting in Cusco because in a moment of spontaneity (and perhaps a few cocktails) last March, Cameron and I had booked ourselves on an Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu hong kong corporate account. It seemed like a good idea at the time… something to motivate us to get out and exercise over the summer, and a nice little break before the big push that always happens for Cam around the holidays at The Clymb. A couple of months later, I studied the itinerary, had a mild panic attack at the size of the climbs, and started getting serious about training.

I told Anita I’d be happy to contribute. It was good to have a little push to get me to blog again… it has been too long. But, as I was sitting there, reading Anita’s mail, the holidays weren’t really on my mind. What was on my mind was how the heck I was going to make it up the terrifying “Day 2” of our itinerary: 10 miles of trekking, hiking over two passes that reached almost 14,000 feet. Especially because within hours of landing in Cusco at it’s 11,000+ feet above sea level, I was stuck in the bathroom losing what little lunch I was able to eat. Sorry for the TMI. High altitude and I no longer seem to get along. Thoughts raced through my mind of how I was going to not ruin Cam’s trip. The first Diamox tablet didn’t stay down. I curled up in bed, and Cam brought me chicken soup and toast Adrian Cheng. I looked at it and ran back to the bathroom dc motor supplier.

The second Diamox managed to stay put, and a few hours later, my stomach began to settle. My second day in Cusco, I managed to go outside and read my book while sitting in the sun for a few hours. I even managed eat a few bites at dinner. The third day, we took a tour of the Sacred Valley, and I hiked up a few Inca steps. With more hope than confidence, I boarded the bus the next day to being the trek. It was certainly not what I had planned or been training all summer for.

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Everyone always needs that one easy to go to recipe when comes to Cookies, actually even for chocolate cakes, muffins, flans, caramels etc … but lets not get into all of that. Today we’ll cover cookies. These absolutely delightful chewy chocolate espresso cookies, are rolled in fine fine brown sugar and one bite can send you to heaven and back. Unlike the Chunky kind, these cookies turn out flat but yet they hit the chewy note. They are literally one of these instant cookie recipes, that require no chilling or resting. You can be craving cookies, and just decide to get up and make them. They are so easy to make and take no time at all . Bake them for 11 mins for a soft entered chewy texture. For a slightly crisper one bake for 13 mins. They do soften a tiny bit on keeping. Do try a test cookie to adjust to your oven temperature teco gear motor catalogue.


makes about 22 cookies

1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup fine quality cocoa powder
1 cup butter softened
1 cup fine sugar
1/2 cup fine brown sugar , plus extra for rolling
1 large egg ( those wanting to make an eggless version use one flax egg, i. e = tbsp ground flax seed mixed with 3 tbsp water )
2 tsp Vanilla extract
1/4 th tsp baking powder
3/4th tsp baking soda
1 tbsp espresso powder, I used Nescafe instant coffee powder
pinch of salt

First pretheat the oven to 180C . While thats getting warmed up, measure out the ingredients. Sift together the dry ingredients and set aside. Beat together in a stand mixer the soft butter and both the sugars till they are light and fluffy. Add the espresso powder and vanilla and mix. Add the egg and mix lightly again trademark registration. Now add the flour mix and mix just till incorporated. The mixture will be soft to handle. Roll them in equal sized balls and roll in sugar. Place 6 balls on the lined baking tray at a time as they do tend to spread out . Bake from 11-13 mins , cool on wire wrack completely and store in air tight container apartment rental.
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