These simple to make Mini Skillet Mixed Berry Pies are a wonderful, fruity dessert. Use your favorite combination of berries to make these little pies. Perfect for a spring or summer dessert!

I love pie in most any form, but I’m just so smitten with these Mini Skillet Mixed Berry Pies. They’re quick to assemble and a perfect dessert for two that’s perfect for berry season.

Baking pies in a skillet is about as easy as pie baking gets. You just place the crust in the pan and fold over the excess. It’s a bit like making a crostata or galette, but in a skillet. For these skillet pies, I used my favorite mini skillets to make individual servings. It doesn’t really add any labor to the process, and I just love the look of them.

Added to that pie crust is a simple filling mixture that highlights the flavors of your favorite berries. I most often use a combination of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, but you can use any combination of your favorites.

Once you’ve made your pie crust dough, just roll it out and cut circles for each skillet. You want it to stick up over the pan just a bit so you can fold it over, but there’s no crimping or other embellishment needed. You’ll have some pie dough remaining, so you can even make a lattice top or a cutout top if you like. I like to leave the top unadorned to show off all those gorgeous berries.

I can’t resist adding an egg wash and a little coarse sugar to the pie crusts before baking. The egg wash makes the crust brown in such a beautiful way, and that coarse sugar adds such a pretty sparkle and a little extra crunch of sweetness.

Serve these Mini Skillet Mixed Berry Pies warm with a scoop of ice cream for a sweet ending to a special spring or summer meal for two. The recipe will scale, too, if you’re serving more than two. I know Quinn and I will be enjoying these little pies as often as possible!
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If you love spiced desserts, then don’t miss these Spiced Cheesecake Bars with plenty of spices in both the crust and the filling!

I can never resist desserts loaded with lots of spiced flavor. Those warm, comforting flavors are just irresistible, especially in the fall and winter. Combine those great flavors with cheesecake, and there’s no way I’m not helping myself to a generous serving hong kong apartment for rent.

These Spiced Cheesecake Bars have plenty of spices in both the crust and the filling. For the crust, I like to use speculaas cookies for their incredible flavor. You most likely know those as Biscoff cookies, but there are some other brands available, too. You can also try other spiced cookies like gingersnaps or cinnamon graham crackers Hong Kong Immigration to Canada.

The cheesecake filling has its own great blend of spices. This is a combination I use frequently, but feel free to adjust if you prefer something a little different. If you have a spice blend you like to use, that will work, too. I often have a batch of Fall Spice Blend on hand for just this kind of recipe.

When it’s time to serve these bars, top them with a simple sweetened whipped cream. I also like to add half of a speculaas cookie on top for aesthetic purposes and for an excuse to have more of those cookies.

If you’re really into the whole spiced thing, try adding a little cinnamon to your whipped cream when you add the sugar. Then you’ll for sure have a spice lover’s dream dessert 12 volt dc motor!
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A few years ago, Quinn came up with this recipe as a special treat for me. I love, love, love all things cream cheese. Somehow, the recipe got buried among the countless recipes I’ve collected. Then, the other morning, I woke up to find that Quinn had not only unearthed the recipe but had the muffins baking in the oven.

Quinn's Cream Cheese Muffins are sweet muffins topped off with a nutty crumb topping Natural vitamin. Delicious! - Bake or Break

If you love cream cheese like we do, these are the muffins for you. That is certainly the predominant flavor. Cream cheese is mixed in the batter, plus a dollop of it inside for an extra burst of it. Of course, what makes these even better to me is the sprinkling of pecans on top. Yes, he definitely came up with these just for me Health supplement Hong Kong.

These are usually made in muffin tins, but this time Quinn used mini loaf pans. I think that size would be great for gifts, which is especially of note now that the holidays are upon us geared dc motor.
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This Mixed Berry Cobbler recipe is one of my favorites and a big-time reader favorite, too. Your favorite fresh berries combine with a vanilla topping for an irresistible


Well, my friends, I am less than happy to say that summer is officially here. I’ve never been a fan of hot weather Payroll Service. This year, though, I’m going to try to think of every day

of this heat as one day closer to fall.

On a happier note, there are two things I like about summer. I do like having more daylight hours. I somehow feel like I have more time to get things done. Best of all, though,

is all the fruit available from the local markets. I admit that I get a little giddy when I start seeing the first fresh berries of the season.

This cobbler celebrates one of the best parts of a summer with a combination of berries. I really like the addition of vanilla to the topping. It supplies just a little extra

flavor to complement all that berry goodness. If you’re an ice cream fan, this is just the kind of dessert that begs for a little dollop on top UK Immigration.

I used a combination of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Choose a few of your favorite berries, or just stick to one. You never have to make this dessert the same way amway probiotics

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One of my first New York bakery crushes was Sweet Melissa. I’ve made a few of her recipes, but these Butterscotch Cashew Bars are my favorite. Cashews aren’t used nearly

enough in baking, and these bars make a good argument for more frequent appearances teco motor.

The Treats Truck is one of the first food trucks I remember visiting. Now, of course, there are various food trucks everywhere (and that’s a very good thing!). And, Treats

Truck has a shop now, too. These Oatmeal Jammys are a fruity twist on traditional oatmeal cookies Air Purifier.

Just a few days ago, I shared Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies. These are intensely chocolate and amazingly good. A little more effort than your average cookie,

but totally worth it. Remember the Momofuku Milk Bar Perfect 10 Kookies giveaway? Momofuku and AmEx are also providing all of you with the recipe for those delicious gluten-

free, dairy-free cookies. Click here for the recipe Sage ERP.
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Granola is a beautiful thing. And, it has become a staple around here. It’s a rare day that I don’t start things off with a bowl of yogurt and granola. I have almost as many

varieties of granola in my pantry as I do peanut butter. Those two facts came in quite handy for making these cookies atlaspace coworking.

So, here’s a really great thing. You only need four ingredients to make these cookies. That’s right. Four.

And, I don’t mean there’s a mix and three more things. Or a roll of refrigerated cookie dough, some mini candy bars, and a couple of other ingredients. No, there are four

ingredients – peanut butter, granola, egg, salt. Seriously Hong Kong investment visa.

Combine your favorite granola with just 3 more ingredients to make these delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Cookies.

If there’s a catch, it’s that one of the ingredients is granola, which is, of course, a whole slew of ingredients in one handy package. Part of the granola is finely ground so

that it acts much like flour. The remainder is stirred into the dough to add a lovely crunchy texture to the cookies Meeting room Rental.

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I have a long-standing love of cookie baking. As you can see, it happens quite a bit in my kitchen. Baking cookies for a good cause is even better. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. When OXO asked again this year if I’d like to bake some cookies to benefit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, I immediately signed up ultherapy hifu.

So, let’s talk cookies!

The cookies you see here are fairly traditional oatmeal cookies, and my basic go-to oatmeal cookie recipe. They are chewy cookies with lots of oats and a touch of cinnamon. If you are a fan of oatmeal cookies, you’d be more than happy just making a batch of these cookies and stopping right there. But, I added some big flavor with what is my new frosting obsession.

This super simple butterscotch frosting is so, so good. It only takes a few ingredients to make, and the taste is amazing. Spread a little (or a lot) between two oatmeal cookies, and you’ve got one spectacular sandwich cookie. The combination of those chewy oatmeal cookies with that butterscotch frosting is just magical!

Now, let’s talk about “Baking a Difference Artistry Studio.”

In addition to my cookie contribution, many of my fellow bloggers are also busy baking cookies this month. And OXO is donating $100 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer for each of our blog posts about the campaign! In social media, look for #OXOGoodCookies to see what everyone is sharing this month. You can also see all the cookies made for this great cause on OXO’s Good Cookies Pinterest Board. And be on the lookout for OXO products marked with special Cookies for Kids’ Cancer stickers, as they will donate 25 cents for each product sold atlaspace.
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Lemon Raspberry Muffins combine sweet raspberries with tart lemon in a wonderfully soft muffin that’s great for breakfast, brunch, or just a sweet treat!

In my current berry craze, I often find myself with a lack of baking focus. When I see summer fruits in all their glory, I tend to procure as many as possible with no real idea

what I’m going to do with them. Inevitably, I end up with a whole slew of fruit and a feeling of urgency to make the most of it register a hong kong company.

My recent fruit excess mainly consisted of a whole bunch of raspberries. I had also somehow acquired a giant bag of lemons that had been taunting me from my countertop. So I

made a small dent in the inventory with a batch of these utterly delightful Lemon Raspberry Muffins.

If you’ve baked your share of muffins, you’ll likely recognize this mixing method. It’s the most common way to mix muffin batter, so it’s no surprise that it’s called the

muffin method. If you’d like to read more about the finer points of this mixing method, be sure to read my post about The Muffin Method.

The combination of sweet and tart in these muffins is really just lovely. The flavors are so fresh and bright that you’ll find yourself smiling as you enjoy your muffin doing business in hong kong. And

then you’ll probably find yourself reaching for a second muffin.

If you have a berry buying problem like I do, then this recipe is a great way to make good use of some of your berry supply. And don’t just limit these to raspberries. Try

substituting another berry, like blueberries or strawberries, that will benefit from being paired with a burst of lemon serviced office tst.
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You know I like to keep things simple around here, but this cheesecake takes that to a whole new level. Would you believe that you can make a cheesecake with just 3 ingredients WFOE in China?

Well, believe it!

This is the kind of dessert you’ll want to make when you don’t want to make dessert. With so little effort and with such a big payoff, this recipe is a huge dessert win.

Your shopping list for this one is super short. All you’ll need is a couple of packages of chocolate wafers, some cream cheese, and a bit of chocolate syrup. And that magically

transforms into a surprisingly tasty cheesecake hong kong corporate formation!

I varied from the original recipe in method only. I opted to use a springform pan as opposed to a cake pan to make life simpler. A springform will allow you to skip the

harrowing prospect of trying to invert the cheesecake out of a cake pan. I also went with one fewer layer, as I used a 9-inch springform pan instead of an 8-inch cake pan. Four

layers in a larger pan would have made the cheesecake layers a bit too thin for my liking.

The original recipe uses whole cookies to adorn the top of the cheesecake, but I covered the top and sides with cookie crumbs to amp up the dark chocolate flavor from the

cookies. Unless you’re some kind of kitchen fairy, expect to make a mess when you’re pressing the cookie crumbs onto the cake. There’s no mistaking me for a kitchen fairy.

There was quite a mess to clean afterwards, but it was so worth it.

This is such a fun recipe. The simplicity of the preparation versus the end result is really quite remarkable. Just remember that this cheesecake is all about the chocolate, so

be sure to use a good quality chocolate syrup for the best flavor Hong Kong serviced apartments.

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It’s not often that I don’t give away the vast majority of what I bake. But sometimes I just can’t bear to part with something that Quinn and I both really, really love. That’s the case with these Pecan Spice Muffins. They were just so good that we kept the whole batch to ourselves Building Survey!

If you’re a fan of spices and nuts, then I think you’ll love these muffins just as much as we do. I used my favorite combination of spices to give these muffins a lovely flavor. I like more subtle flavors for muffins and quick breads, as I think that usually translates much better for something you’re likely to eat for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Of course, if you want a bigger spice flavor, add a tad more spice to suit your tastes good hk serviced apartment.

Five minutes spent here on BoB will show you that I have a soft spot for pecans. They’re my go-to nuts for baking, and I usually have plenty in my kitchen at any given time. If you prefer a different nut, then feel free to make the substitution. Hazelnuts would be a great choice. Or if you like walnuts, those usually substitute easily for pecans.

One of my favorite ways to dress up baked goods is to sprinkle a little coarse sugar on top of them before putting them in the oven. It gives them a little sparkle and an extra bite of sweetness. In keeping with the very brown appearance of these muffins, I used turbinado sugar on top of them. (It’s the brown sugar counterpart to traditional white sanding sugar.) I also reserved a few pecans to sprinkle on top of each muffin to make them a bit more interesting.

If you can bear to part with them, a batch of these muffins is great for sharing with family and friends. You can always whip up another batch to keep all to yourself Sage accounting.

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